Straight Shooter
R-20 Wide Format Continuous Friction Feeder


Big Feeder – Small Price!

Straight Shooter R20 Wide Format Speed Continuous Friction Feeder

The R-20 gives you all the great features of our other feeders in a wide format! It handles documents up to 20″ wide by 18″ long!


Buckle Separation™ Technology A Straight Shooter Exclusive!
Straight Shooter introduced this revolutionary method of separation in 2004. Other feeders use a high friction “nip” point to separate documents. Straight Shooter eliminates the “nip” point for smoother feeding without the jams!

Until now, wide format friction feeders were too costly, too cumbersome, and too complicated.
Straight Shooter changes all that with the R-20 wide format feeder.
Combining simple, clean design with proven features, the R-20 makes it easy to run those large documents, while still handling the small stuff.
With our optional card kit, the R-20 can handle small media down to 2″ wide, without compromising the ability to feed large pieces.
The R-20 combines heavy duty design with lightweight versatility in a compact package that is easy to move from one application in your plant to another.

Now you don’t have to buy multiple feeders to handle various jobs!
The R-20 comes with four independently adjustable separators and more feed belts than the competition for unlimited setup options, at a price they can’t touch!

Also available: * Adjustable height floor stand
* Table stand
* Card option for small media
* Single shot and batch counting

5-10 Minute Feed Belt Replacement
The engineers that designed the R20 started out as field technicians servicing the competitors’ friction feeders that took an hour and an hour and a half and 8 hands to complete a complex feed belt and roller replacement. So they pledged that they would design the Straight Shooter friction feeders so that an unskilled technician would be able to change feed belts in 5-10 minutes!  The result is exactly what they were aiming for: a maximum 10 minute feed belt changeover requiring one or two hex keys!

Friction feeder innovation at its best!

Media Handling:
Width: 3″ minimum up to 20″ maximum
Length: 2″ minimum up to 17″ maximum
Thickness: Single sheet up to 3/8″ thick
Speeds: Up to 40,000 postcards per hour
120 vac, 5 amp standard, (240 optional)
Available interlocks: Dry contact, 12 vdc, 24 vdc, 24 vac. Others upon request.
Dimensions: 23″ wide x 17″ long Weight: 45 lbs