Inkjet Equipment


Accufast P4
The ACCUFAST P4 pictured at left can be supplied with its own feeder and stand (shown with an HDF), but it is usually installed as a table top printer. The P4 is the standard for entry level professional machines. If you plan to make money mailing, and you need to keep your life simple – even when things go wrong – you need a P4.

Accufast PMX
The ACCUFAST PMX revolutionizes commercial ink jet printing.

Accufast P8
The ACCUFAST P8 is a successor to the ground breaking ACCUFAST P6. The P8 occupies roughly the same footprint, but packs far more printing and imaging power.

Accufast Ckx
The ACCUFAST Ckx is an imager kit. This imaging system comes ready to be installed over a conveyor, a mailing base, a sealing machine, a printing press or any other product moving piece of equipment.

SA3150-angled_a (1)
Secap SA3100

The Secap SA3100 Addressing Printer and Imager is the perfect choice for the small to mid volume mailer, offering high quality printing with more versatility and graphic capability in an easy to use desktop model.


Secap SA3300
The Secap SA3300 offers the perfect solution for desktop addressing for mid volume mailers. The unique graphic and personalization capabilities creates outgoing mail that stands out from the rest – with high quality addressing printing & imaging.

secap SA5000
Secap SA5000

The newly redesigned Secap SA5000 high speed addressing printer and imager provides fast and professional results from a compact, desktop system.


Secap SA5300
Designed for high speed and performance, the Secap SA5300 provides fast and accurate high quality printing and imaging. It addresses up to 30,000 pieces per hour with 3” of print using 2 (1 1/2″ print heads) and 8 print quality options from draft light to executive.


Secap SA5300 Pro w/FR250
The Secap SA5300 Pro w/FR250 takes productivity to new levels with its high capacity friction feeder for superior media handling. Designed for high speed and performance, the SA5300 Pro delivers quality addressing and imaging from a compact footprint. Intelligent Mail Bar code ready.

ACCUFAST P4S smallcard printer

Accufast P4 Small Package Printer
To further customize the P4, ACCUFAST has created the Accufast P4 Small Package Printer card and tag printing system. This system comes with a small card feeder and stacker at the output. It is used to print up to 2 inches of text or graphics on items like phone cards, small envelopes, cards and tags, even printing on seed packets!