Pressure-Sensitive Labeling Equipment


Model 550 Round 
Semi Automatic standard web width up to 5”. Accurately places labels on round products 3/8” to 4” diameter


Model 560 Tamp
Semi-automatic oval and flat label applicator


Model 565 Tapered
Semi-automatic Round Tapered Product Labeler


Model 110
Auto Labe Model 110 Wipe-On Applicator.Originally developed as a low cost solution to apply pressure sensitive labels, the Model 110 has been continually upgraded to meet today’s demanding labeling needs and is used in virtually every industry for primary and secondary labeling.



Model 130 Blow-On
Autolabe’s Blow-On Applicator is designed for non-contact applications or where container recessed areas require accurate label placement.

modelo_140 (1)

Model 140 Tamp-Down
Autolabe’s Automatic Tamp-Down Label Applicator applies a pressure sensitive label utilizing a positive tamp action to ensure complete label adhesion on the product container or package.


Model 160 Stepper
The model 160 stepper drive label applicator is designed for high speed applications that need exceptional placement accuracy.


Model 390
This portable tabletop approach is uniquely designed for labeling small, difficult to handle, round product such as test tubes, ampoules and vials.


Model 461 Cartridge Produce Label Applicator
Designed specially for high speed sorters and conveyors, the Model 461 overhead produce labeler has the features you need.


Model 151
Proven Reliability. Print up to 6” wide. Label sizes from 1” x 1” to 6.5” x 13” 203 dots per inch or 300 dots per inch. Print speeds up to 10” per second. Build for industrial environments.


Model 155
The new Model 155 Print & Apply Label Applicator incorporates an Allen Bradley Micro Logic PLC. This allows superior versatility and control for a wide variety of user applications.



Model 600 SE
Custom system for high speed, 3 panel labeling on square products.

foto_autolabe610cs (1)

Model 610 CS
Three sided labeling of hinged clamshell containers. 


Model 620 S
Our most popular economical conveyor system is designed for partial or full wraparound labeling of round products.

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Model 620 TSE
Trap and wrap labeler to wrap labels around unstable round products such as tall, narrow diameter caulk tubes. Encoder ensures extremely accurate label placement.



Model 630 CS
This compact, user friendly, split belt conveyor system, with two adjustable label applicators 

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Model 640 SE
Labeling system has two servo driven applicators for front and back labeling of square and rectangular products. Encoder ensures extremely accurate label placement.

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Model 660 SE
Front and back labeling system with two servo-driven applicators for labeling square and rectangular products can also wrap labels around round products. Encoder ensures extremely accurate label placement. 







Model 680 SE
A complete system for front and back labeling of oval, square or rectangular products, standard features include a feed screw assembly, top hold down belt, control panel, power wipe down rollers and two adjustable label applicators.