modelo_ss_d12Straight Shooter R-12 Continuous Friction Feeder
The Straight Shooter R-12 is ideal for ink jetting, tabbing, folding and any application requiring high speed continuous feed of single pieces.


Straight Shooter R-14 Continuous Friction Feeder
The R-14 is the newest addition to the Straight Shooter line. Featuring a 14″ wide capacity, the R-14 can handle the big stuff!

Straight Shooter R-20 Wide Format Friction Feeder
The Straight Shooter R-20 Wide Format Feeder gives you all the great features of our other feeders in a wide format! It handles documents up to 20″ wide by 18″ long!




Straight Shooter R-12E Continuous Friction Feeder
With an adjustable angle acceleration table, the Straight Shooter R-12E Continuous Friction Feeder offers you the ability to adjust the angle of delivery into your production equipment enhancing productivity while minimizing waste.


Straight Shooter D-12 Demand Friction Feeder
The Straight Shooter D-12 Friction Feeder’s unique adjustable angle acceleration table allows you to deliver documents to your production machinery at the optimum angle, no matter what the application! This enhances productivity while minimizing waste.


Straight Shooter D-9 Demand Friction Feeder
Are you looking for a demand feeder for smaller applications? The D-9 from Straight Shooter is a cost effective 9″ demand Friction Feeder for your start/stop applications.


Straight Shooter LF-12 Laser Envelope Friction Feeder
With our unique, Patent Pending floating delivery table, the LF-12 Friction Feeder easily rolls up to your printer with no wiring, mechanical latching or removal of trays!

Straight Shooter LF Mini Digital Printer Feeder

Straight Shooter LF Mini Digital Printer Friction Feeder
Simple setup, increased profits, straight shooter! The NEW Straight Shooter LF- Mini Pro Digital Printer Friction Feeder. Featuring quick, simple setup with self-centering paper guides in the hopper AND delivery table, the
LF- Mini Pro eliminates alignment issues and gets you running in seconds!

modelo_ss_SA-5Straight Shooter SA-5 Servo Attaching Friction Feeder
The Straight Shooter SA-5 Friction Feeder delivers precision attaching in a small package! Finally, a compact, affordable attaching solution that fits your budget AND your transport.


Ink Jet Series for Friction Feeders
The Ink Jet Series for Friction Feeders tri-folds, postcards, envelopes and self-mailers with no problem. Minimal operator experience needed. You’ll get a quick return on your investment. Replace the shuttle feeder in seconds.

modelo_f_eiserie insterter add ons

Inserter Add-Ons for Friction Feeders
Quick and Easy Setup. Minimal operator experience needed with Inserter Add-Ons for Friction Feeders. Add a 7th, 8th or 9th Station to your existing inserter or replace an existing inserter station.

modelo_f_feedmax High-Capacity Friction Feeder

High-Capacity Friction Feeder
3-4 months return on investment. Reduce existing operators within the Work Cell by increasing feeder capacity and managing operator’s replenishing product cycle with this High-Capacity Friction Feeder.


Force Flex Friction Feeder
The Force Flex Friction Feeder delivers Positional Separators, Positional Belts, Elevator Belts, Heavy Duty Industrial Construction, Removable Belt Carriage, Variable Speed, & The “Shaker” vibrating rear wedge.



modelo_ns_HDF FeederAccufast HDF Friction Feeder
Accufast HDF Friction Feeder specs Weight: 95 lbs. – Speed: 1-250 ft/min – 12″ stack – 3/8″ maximum thickness – Material 3½” – 12″ wide and up to 12″ long.