INK JET SERIES MODELS 1200 IJ AND 1800 IJ Friction Feeders

• Feeds tri-folds, postcards, envelopes and self-mailers with no problem
• Minimal Operator Experience Needed
• Quick return on investment
• Replace the shuttle feeder in seconds

More Information:

The key element in a good performance friction feeder is the method in which the feeder separates one sheet from the next. We achieve accurate separation of product through Dynamic Rotation Technology. The gold separator wheels counter rotate against the flow of material resulting in consistent wear surface throughout the life of the belts. By achieving an even wear surface it extends their useful life. The large diameter separator wheels are effective for feeding a wide range of materials from thin (.002″) up to thick materials (.750″) as well as odd shape and die-cut products.

  1200 IJ 1800 IJ
Product Size Maximum L-12″ x W-12.25″ L-12″ x W-18.25″
Product Size Minimum L-2″ x W-2″ L-2″ x W-2″
Product Thickness Maximum .750″ .750″
Product Thickness Minimum .002″ .002″
Feeder Capacity 20″ Vertical 20″ Vertical
Speed Variable: 1-500 Ft./Min. Variable: 1-500 Ft./Min.
RCM/Sort Break Interface Optional Optional
Electrical (Standard) 110 VAC 110 VAC
Remote Start/Stop Interface 110 VAC
24 Volts AC
24 Volts DC
5 Volts DC
110 VAC
24 Volts AC
24 Volts DC
5 Volts DC
Drive Motor Adjustable DC Adjustable DC
Warranty 2 Year Limited


All our belts are specifically formulated to provide a long life grip life ensuring proper material handling through the feeder. Adjustable elevator belts allow the operator to increase or reduce the area on the piece being fed for better feeding through the feeder. By properly using the Friction Feeder and elevator belts the feeder can accept extremely high stack heights of material while still delivering consistent product feeding.

The ink jet feeder is designed to work with most makes and models of ink jet bases and tabbers. The setup is quick and simple with minimal operator experience required to operate efficiently. With a product width range of 2″ all the way up to 18″ all sorts of material can be fed. Material such as tri-folds, postcards, self-mailers and envelopes that typically give shuttle feeders problems are a thing of the past with a friction feeder from Pitney Bowes Direct Mail Solutions.