Inserter Add-Ons for Friction Feeders


Inserter Add-Ons for Friction Feeders

Pitney Bowes Direct Mail Solutions

• Quick and Easy Setup
• Minimal Operator Experience Needed
• Add a 7th, 8th or 9th Station to your existing inserter
• Replace an existing inserter station


Dynamic Rotation Technology
The key element in a good performance friction feeder is the method in which the feeder separates one sheet from the next. We achieve accurate separation of product through Dynamic Rotation Technology. The gold separator wheels counter rotate against the flow of material resulting in consistent wear surface throughout the life of the belts. By achieving an even wear surface it extends their useful life. The large diameter separator wheels are effective for feeding a wide range of materials from thin (.002″) up to thick materials (.750″) as well as odd shape and die-cut products.


If you ever wanted to increase the use and value of your current inserter then this is the Friction Feeder for you! The EX Series Friction Feeder is designed to clamp on the front table of most inserters and add extra stations to your existing inserter. Turn your 6-station inserter into a 7, 8 or 9 station. For those with a 12-station inserter, you can go up to a 20 station. By adding stations to the operator side it not only provides easy access by the operator but also saves by not taking up the space of a larger inserter. The 900 EX opposes a station and ejects an insert into the track underneath the jaw of the opposing pocket. Variable speed control and miss detection is standard with double detection, batch counting and delay/interrupt optional features.

Easy Set-Up
This model is completely mobile and can be moved from one inserter to another in a matter of seconds. One wire attaches to your inserter jam circuit to turn the machine off in case of a misfeed along with a 110 VAC plug for feeder power.


MP Friction Feeder Series
For those who want the best of both worlds out of a single feeder Pitney Bowes Direct Mail Solutions has the MP model also known as the “Multi-Purpose” Friction Feeder. The MP can be added as a friction feeder add on to your gripper arm inserter just like our EI model and then with a flip of a switch you can use it on your ink jet base or tabber. The switch simply changes the feeder from inserter mode to continuous mode for the inkjet base.

The EI Model Friction Feeder is designed to fit on the back of your current inserter, replacing a station to precisely feed material directly into the jaw. The EI feeder comes in two models: the 900EI to replace stations on 6×9 inserters and the 1200EI to replace stations on 9×12 inserters. This feeder is compatible to Bell & Howell, Mailcrafter, EMC or Pitney Bowes swing arm inserters. This feeder eliminates the need for suction cups. The EI Friction Feeders fit side to side to replace all of the vacuum feeders on your inserter.

Increased Productivity
If you are tired of hard to feed material causing jams in your inserter then replace it with a friction feeder. Z-folds, coupon books, thin or open-ended material can all be fed by the EI Series Feeders. With less jams comes increased productivity and throughput that will pay for the feeder in no time at all.

Versatility by Mobility
This model is completely mobile and can be moved from one inserter to another in a matter of seconds. No wiring to the inserter is necessary — simply plug it into 110VAC. Your existing miss and double detect remain in use. The EI Friction Feeders utilize a photo sensor that fits into the jaw opening with no operator adjustments required.


  900 EI 1200 EI 900 EX 900 MP
Product Size Maximum L-9″ x W-9″ L-9″ x W-11.625″ L-5.5″ x W-9″ L-9″ x W-9″
Product Size Minimum L-1″ x W-2″ L-1″ x W-2″ L-3″ x W-5″ L-1″ x W-2″
Product Thickness Maximum .750″ .750″ .250″ .750″
Product Thickness Minimum .002″ .002″ .002″ .002″
Feeder Capacity 20″ Vertical 20″ Vertical 20″ Vertical 20″ Vertical
Speed Variable: 1-320 Ft./Min. Variable: 1-320 Ft./Min. Variable: 1-320 Ft./Min. Variable: 1-320 Ft./Min.
Miss Detection N/A N/A Standard N/A
Select On Demand Feature Optional Optional N/A Optional
Material Stop Sensor Standard Standard Standard Standard
Electrical 110 VAC 110 VAC 110 VAC 110 VAC
Drive Motor Variable DC Variable DC Variable DC Variable DC
Batch Count N/A N/A Optional N/A
Custom Configurations Optional Optional Optional Optional
Warranty 2 Year Limited