AUTO LABE MODEL 160 Labeling System





More Information:

Dimensions: 24″ x 37″ x 39″
Weight: 70 lbs/31.75kg (approx.)
Electric: 110VAC/60Hz/5 AMPS (max.) or 220VAC/50Hz
Labeling Speed: Up to 3000 inches per minute
Web Width: Up to 6.5 inches

• High speed stepper motor driven
• LCD operator interface for easy menu selection
• Photo electric label sensor for greater accuracy
• Label roll capacity up to 16 inch outer diameter
• Self teaching applicator for easy label size changeover
• Left & right hand models
• Exceptional label placement accuracy

• Adjustable heavy duty stand
• Photo electric product sensor
• Hot stamp imrinting
• Conveyor systems
• Encoder interface
• Spare parts kit

The AUTO LABE MODEL 160 Labeling System stepper drive label applicator is designed for high speed applications that need exceptional placement accuracy. The remote keypad control system and self teach operation allow for easy set up. The stripper plate assembly is fully adjustable and can be extended away from the applicator for precise label placement close to the product. Fast and accurate labeling of top, bottom, or sides of products.

Auto Labe has designed over 1,000 custom pressure sensitive labeling systems for many of the largest packagers around the globe!
We welcome the opportunity to hear about your pressure-sensitive applications and formally quote the most cost-effective solution to your needs. To do this we ask that you forward to us your label and product samples and we will have our professional engineering staff evaluate the best way to approach the project.