AUTO LABE 550 Semi-Automatic Round Product Applicator


AUTO LABE 550 Semi-Automatic Round Product Label Applicator
• Proven reliability
• Cost effective transition from manual labeling to automatic labeling
• Improves label accuracy and efficiency
• Standard web width up to 5”
• Accurately places labels on round products 3/8” to 4” diameter
• Portable and lightweight table top unit
• Label application activated by foot switch




Width: 20”/51cm – Length: 30”/76cm – Height: 26”/66cm – Weight: 42 Lbs/19kg (approx.)
Electric: 115VAC/60Hz/1 AMPS (max.) or 220VAC/50Hz
Air: 50 PSIG (max.)/3CFM
Labels: Standard 5” web width 10” O.D. roll with 3” core.
Die cut with 1/8” spacing

Auto Labe has designed over 1,000 custom pressure-sensitive labeling systems for many of the largest packagers around the globe!
We welcome the opportunity to hear about your pressure-sensitive applications and formally quote the most cost-effective solution for your needs. To do this we ask that you forward to us your label and product samples and we will have our professional engineering staff evaluate the best way to approach the project.

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