ACCUFAST P4S (small package printer)

P4 smallcard printer

ACCUFAST P4 Small Package Inkjet Printer
ACCUFAST P4S gives unparalleled versatility, performance and reliability. A lifetime Imaging system warranty is linked to JetFuel supply use.





  • Variable speed vacuum transport
  • Open throat design to print large pieces
  • Modular – can be used in systems
  • 2 inches of print split into 1 inch imagers
  • Windows print driver with USB interface
  • Prints any font
  • Adjustable to 3/8 in. thick pieces
  • Stitch control to +/- 1 pixel
  • Durable steel construction
  • Lexan cover for operator safety


The ACCUFAST P4S is a table top ink jet printer built to handle small envelopes (seeds, coins, lenses), tags (hang tags, plant tags), cards (blister pack, post cards) and the like. The printer delivers high quality images on a wide variety of substrates including plain paper, glossy paper, foils , plastic s wood (painted and plain) pasteboard and laminates.

The machine pictured here is the midrange unit in the ACCUFAST line and features a bottom feed card feeder which is its most common configuration. Two additional feeders are available, a top feed card feeder and a plant stake feeder (shown on the reverse). The standard print configuration is 2 inches of print split into 2 one inch bands with custom configurations available.

ACCUFAST ink jets use Hewlett Packard technology guaranteeing exceptional image quality and print system reliability.

Tag / Envelope Feed Configuration

• Measures 25”l X 16”w x 15”h Wgt. 63 lbs.
• Adjustable feed rate 0 – 140 7” pieces/min.
Accepts 2.5–7 in wide x 3 x 12 in long


• Weighs 51 pounds
• Measures 16”l X 16”w x 12”h
• Uses 115 volts 2 amps 60hz or 230 volts 1 amp 50 hz
22 ips speed, variable resolution up to 600 x 600 dpi
• Printed pieces drop into a catch basket
Automatically adjusts for JetFuel inks
Available with GUI or Windows Print software
Network capable
2 inch configurable print area

Stake Feed Configuration

• Weighs 70 pounds
• Measures 24”l X 16”w x 18”h
• Adjustable feed rate 0 – 100 12” stakes/min.
• Accepts 7/8” – 1 3⁄4” width stakes in various lengths