ACCUFAST’SP4 inkjet printer is very advanced. We’ve listened to our customers and created a table top printer that performs like a console printer. For example, the P4 has two vacuum transport belts and handles pieces up to half an inch thick at very slow or very high speeds! It’s imaging system is unique as it is made up of 2 one inch imagers. This is critical and practical when it comes to printing addresses and bar codes as well as return addresses on uneven surfaces like booklets. The paper transport is open on one side to allow extra large sheets to pass, yet completely covered for safety, cleanliness and appearance. The P4 can be integrated into a system with a variety of ACCUFAST feeders, conveyors, dryers and stackers, some linked electronically for sorting.

More Information:


• Size: 16” long x 12” high x 16.5” wide
• Weight: 35 lb.
• Production Speed: Adjustable up to 50 inches per second
• Electrical 120 VAC 4 amps 60 Hz. 230 VAC 3 amps 50 Hz. Use a grounded outlet or Uninterruptible Power Supply
• Document Size:
Length: 14.33” (B4)
Width: 3” – 14”
Thickness: 2 sheets – 1/2”
• Print Area: 2” split into 1” segments
• Imaging Software included – Windows XP and higher
• Ethernet data connection

modelo_i_accufast_p4_2  Accufast P4 Inkjet Shown Without Optional HDF Friction Feeder

P4_openedAccufast P4 Inkjet Printer Shown With Cover Open