modelo_i_sec_jet2 Dual Head TabbingSecap Jet 1 Dual Head Tabber
The Secap®Jet 1 Dual Tabbing production system accommodates the two tab/one tab requirement for leading (toe) and trailing edges (heel) for booklet mail in a single pass. Designed for inline or off-line tabbing.


modelo_i_sec_Ameritek 2000

Ameritek 2000 from Secap
This high performance machine Ameritek 2000 can handle a variety of media and provides accurate tab application all at production speeds.

modelo_i_sec_jet_1 Tabber

Secap Jet 1 Tabber
Meet all your requirements for tabbing, labeling, stamp or decal affixing with the Secap Jet 1 Tabber. Easy to set up and operate in-line or off-line with the highest productivity for today’s mailing professionals.


Accufast ET
The ACCUFAST ET is a tabbing machine that has more uses than we have space to explain them. The essence of the ET is that it tabs both booklets and self mailers with the appropriate tabs in the correct spots automatically.

Accufast KT-2

Accufast KT-2
The Accufast KT-2 applies 1 or 2 tabs per piece. Tabs up to 20,000 mailpieces per hour, size dependent. Tabs mailpieces up to 16” wide. Accepts mailpieces up to 1/4” thick.


Freehand Tabber
The Freehand Tabber applies 1 tab per piece. Tabs 12,500 pieces per hour. Tabs pieces 5″ to 12″ wide, from 20 lb. thin to 1/4″ thick, coated and uncoated.