SATORI BULK MAILER 5 Labeling System

“Bulk Mailer 5 breaks new ground in mail list management software. It is a full-featured, powerfully advanced system that will make your mailing operation much more productive. Its superior mailing features cover file management, data exchange, address quality, postal presorting and an unmatched label and envelope designer. This landmark graphical environment features wizard-based processes, templates and “Live Links” to the Internet. Bulk Mailer 5 redefines desktop mailing software. Its combination of power plus simplicity makes it a perfect choice for any large-volume mailer. Cutting-edge technology along with an amazing use of graphics makes this possible. Bulk Mailer 5 is specially designed to work with a variety of direct impression printers. Address Quality is the process of making sure you are using the best data for mailing. Address Correction will clean and validate your list using the latest USPS-certified postal data. Move Update checks your list against the USPS change-of-address database-updating your records with new address information. Duplication Search will find duplicate entries, allowing you to delete the unwanted records. By maintaining high address quality, your will make sure your mailing will have the best possible results.”


You may have heard rumors about the retirement of models satori Pitney Bowes’ SmartMailer. In the uncertainty, remember you have a choice for a new mailing software provider.
Here are a few reasons to consider Satori Software’s BulkMailer desktop mailing software:

Bulk Mailer is backed by the market leader in mailing software.

Bulk Mailer provides comprehensive mail preparation features and will help you save
steps, save time and submit your mail quickly.

Bulk Mailer is dependable, time-tested and customer approved.

You can rest assured you are partnering with a postal industry leader who values your business and continually works to stay ahead of industry changes that will impact you business.

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