Mailing Conveyors


 Secap TC 36 Conveyor
The Secap TC 36 Conveyor is a simple to use add-on accessory designed to complement Secap desktop printers and tabbing equipment and improve the efficiency of a mailing operation.

modelo_secap_TCD 72Secap TCD 72 Conveyor / Dryer
The Secap TCD 72 is a powerful Conveyor/Drying solution ideal for desktop printers. The integrated high capacity fans provide excellent control of media on the perforated transport belt. The 2000-watt dryer improves the drying speed of HP ink on a variety of materials including glossy and coated stocks.

modelo_SLOW MOVINGSlow Moving Collection
Normally used to accumulate shingled product from an ink jet. The Slow Moving Collection has Variable Speed with a maximum of 100′ per minute. 90 degree Product Knockdown and solid body construction are standard features.