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Welcome to Addressing & Labeling Systems Co. The equipment, software and supplies that we sell, lease and service fall into 10 categories.  Our biggest sellers are pressure-sensitive labeling equipment for labeling bottles, boxes, pharmaceuticals, processed food, chemicals, ink and virtually any other packaged product that requires a label and mailing/addressing equipment for mass mailers. 

Our labeling equipment is comprised of semi and fully automatic models as well as custom designed systems to accommodate virtually any labeling application.

Our mailing/addressing equipment is comprised of inkjet, tabbing, pressure sealers, friction feeders, folders and conveyors, among others.

We are conveniently located in the Greater New York/Long Island area to be able to serve our local customers with fast, professional customer support.



Ready to take the first step toward fully automatic labeling of your round products? The Auto Labe Model 550 semi-automatic round product label applicator is the next logical move!

Click here for info about the Auto Labe 550



Send sealed self-mailers to your members or customers, AVOID envelope inserting? Formax has a complete line of pressure seal models for every volume and budget!

Click here for all Formax Pressure Seal Models

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Tired of labeling bakery clam shells by hand? The Auto Labe 610 CS Labeling System is the answer!

Click here for Info on the Auto Labe 610 Clam Shell Labeling System